Welcome To Brendel Financial Advisors

Our goal is comprehensive financial planning for clients and families, not just portfolio management.

We make the obligation to “Know Your Client” - a promise. It is the key to our commitment of service and our personal engagement in the planning process. With Brendel Financial Advisors, clients are more than the sum of their accounts. Our clients are our long-time neighbors and friends; they are their goals, their children’s aspirations, and their shared vision for moving forward.

Our engagement with client concerns is supported through services including the offer to develop a financial goal plan and to review and renew it annually, on-demand portfolio and risk management assessment, actively researched and managed portfolio of investments across a wide range of securities and asset classes, and an open door. Brendel Financial Advisors uses a simple quarterly fee structure.

John’s investment strategy and portfolio management focuses on individual stock and business strength and his own industry-sector research with an emphasis on downside protection, diversified portfolios across asset classes, and a keen eye for tax efficiency.

We hope you will contact us to learn more about Brendel Financial Advisors, John Brendel, and the whole team’s commitment to “Know Our Clients” as you look for planning and investment services. 

For more information about John  Brendel, Jr. provided by FINRA visit: https://brokercheck.finra.org/.